Friday, September 4, 2009

Grandma Lois's Kids

Grandma Lois eats cucumber and tomato sandwiches several times a day during the summer when they are in the garden. Apparently my kids have inherited her love of tomatoes. I was putting away groceries yesterday and noticed that I was missing a tomato. I thought it must have rolled out of the bag in the car and I'd need to go out and check. I found the tomato a couple of minutes later not in the car but in Reagan's hand. She was eating it like an apple hiding it from me. I let her finish it off (after I moved her to the kitchen so that the juice would be easier to clean off the floor) and made her share it with her brother who adores tomatoes. I walked into the kitchen a little later to find Daniel sneaking another tomato. Since it had already been bitten into I let him finish it off. I have two left that I'm hoping will make it into a salad later in the week.


  1. Yummm...that's the best way to eat a tomato!

  2. I will also eat tomato and cucumber sandwiches as often as possible in the summertime. (And even sometimes in the winter). I love tomatoes and have been really blessed to have a plethora of them this summer...I guess that comes from having a husband obsessed with them. He has twelve plants...and eight different colors of tomatoes. We have them growing out our ears...almost. Let's just say I've been eating lots of tomatoes and loving every bite. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. sneaky kids! thanks for sending the link so quick. Buggy will be super excited to see pictures of Daniel. oh-and I like the sun glasses too.