Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Nursery Calling Part???

Okay, I forget how many postings I have put on here about Nursery callings. But I didn't think I would be posting another one!
Paul and I met with the Bishop tonight and he issued us both callings. Prior to going into the Bishop's office Paul had mentioned that he hoped it wasn't a joint calling as those callings just aren't fun. I said how would you know that? You've never had one! So we go into the Bishop's office and the Bishop says to Paul, "this is a great calling, I would love to have this calling, I think you will like this calling". (Preface- as I happen to know that this is one of the most turned down callings in the church I think that Bishop's feel like they have to say that about this particular calling because I know several who have said that.) Then the Bishop continued, "it's a joint calling." (I'm thinking shoot, what are we getting ourselves into?) "We want to call your wife as Nursery Leader and you as a Nursery worker." I about died when I looked at Paul. Can you say shock? Having been through this once already I was slightly more prepared. I told him I had just turned down this calling a couple of months ago and explained my thoughts on the matter. He told us we didn't have to answer him right then but to give it a week and pray about it and let him know. He also said it would be alright if we came back and told him no. (Can I say that a small part of me wanted to shout YES! There's my out!?)
We are going to think it over and pray about it. There could be some good things come out of it, like Paul learning how to really interact and play with the kids. (Not that he doesn't but this could enhance his skills.) This could be what Daniel needs. He has really been struggling emotionally for at least the last 6 months. Maybe some time before he graduates into Primary in January with Daddy and Mommy. Or Reagan needs us when he transitions as she will be alone without him for the first time. I don't know. The Bishop did promise only to leave us in there for a year but it looks like a really long year...
We'll let you know what we decide.


  1. Oh, FOR THE LOVE!!!! SERIOUSLY???? I would have asked HIM to pray about it for a week.

    Good thing you're in tune enough to see some benefit to the calling. :-) Can't wait to hear.

  2. There's no avoiding it, Calleen. You've just got it stamped all over your forehead, much like "Kigin" automatically goes with "scouting."

    He must have called Goobey, Ollie and PT for references :)

  3. I know this may not be what you want to hear, but Chris and I had this calling when Jack was in nursery and I was pregnant with Ella and we both LOVED it! I was truly sad when they released us (as was Chris.) I wish I could go back! Let me know if you end up taking the calling, I have some great resources.