Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A visit from Aunt April

We picked up Aunt April on Friday at the airport and although for some reason this picture doesn't show it she came bearing gifts of chocolate bars and gummi bears which was of course all over them during the course of the ride home. Of course the chocolate covered donuts that we got didn't help matters either.

Friday night we went to one of Grandma's favorite restaurants- Chuckorama for dinner. Of course the biggest hit of dinner was the ice cream which got all over. I think Reagan went through 3 outfits that day.

This is something fun Reagan and Daniel do with Grandma all the time. They try on her glasses. Now we know what they will look like when they will have to wear them for real, though they probably won't have poka dots on them.

Reagan refused to eat her lunch and thought mine looked better.

Daniel adores Aunt April as you can see from the pictures.

Sibling love...

More sibling love of a different kind. Tickle time! They went to church with my cousin and his family so that April and I and Lois could attend Music and the Spoken Word. They said that all during Sacrament Meeting Reagan would just love on Daniel and then pull his hair. Then it would start all over again.

Tired little girl.

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  1. She looks a lot like you! I can see the kids got your family's eyes--gorgeous. I love your haircut--looks great on you.