Sunday, July 5, 2009

Pool fun

Daniel has always loved the pool and since my kids are so young and so close in age I have never dared to take them together to the pool without someone with me to help. This summer the first time we went to the pool I took my cousin's daughter Faith with us and it was a good thing as it was pretty new for Reagan and she just got really cold and didn't like it at all. Daniel however was crazy. He got kicked in the mouth and was bleeding but he wasn't crying because of that, he was crying because Faith was making him come to me and be checked out. He wanted to go play.
The next time we went to the pool it was a ward party and Lois was there with me. Reagan was a little better but still cold and very hesitant about the whole thing. When I got ready to leave, Daniel got mad, ran off and jumped in over his head. I was right behind him but not quite fast enough and the lifeguard jumped in after him and hauled him out. He screamed for about 45 mins. afterward not because he was scarred or hurt but because he wanted to be back in the water.
My sister April came to visit this weekend and we took her to the pool with us. The pictures of the kids are from Friday after we picked her up at the airport. It was fun to see Reagan really enjoy the pool too. They both had so much fun. Reagan actually wanted to swim in the deep part and kept trying to get away from us so she could do it on her own. Daniel is a crazy man in the pool. The pictures are all over by the frog but this pool has a nickelodeon type tower in the middle of it with slides and guns to shoot water at people as well as other things. Daniel LOVES it and causes a ruckus every time we try to go home. He would love it if we would go every day. Any volunteers to help?

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