Thursday, July 16, 2009

Nursery Calling Part 2

So, do you remember my post a month or two ago about the Primary President wanting to call me to Nursery? Well the executive Secretary called and asked me to meet with the Bishop last night. I thought he was just checking up on me as I have had a some health problems recently. The Bishop was late so I met with his counselors. They extended a calling to...
Yep, you guessed it, the Nursery. They began by saying, "As you know everyone in the church needs a calling". Well here were my thoughts on the matter-

1-If everyone needs a calling why wasn't I given one 4 months ago when I got here, not 3 weeks before I leave? And on a related subject doesn't every woman in the church deserve to have Visiting Teachers and Home Teachers and the oportunity to be a Visiting Teacher? None of these have been given/offered to me.

2- Just last week I was in the Bishop's office and he was saying what can we do to help you, and give you a break? Um, I don't think that taking the only 2 hours a week that I have away from my kids was really what I had in mind. He had referred me to the RS President to ask for help with my kids so that I could go to doctor's apts and just generally get a break from things. (Side note here, after calling her several times and leaving messages which she would never return, she told me she didn't know of any women in the ward who could help me by watching my kids for a couple of hours occasionally. Apparently you have to die in this ward to get any compasionate service.) I wanted to say, I'll make you a deal, you get me the compassionate service I need and I'll work in the Nursery for the two Sundays that I will actually be here!

3-I am totally and completely burned out from watching other peoples kids literally all my life. I feel that I'm not a good person to work with children anymore due to this and I don't feel it's fair to my kids as when I do,I am not as good of a mother. And come on, seriously,I am with my kids 24/7 except for that 2 hour break on Sundays while they are in Nursery. I need a break.

SO... I said I would seriously have to pray about it and I would get back to them on Sunday. My Mom and Lois said they would have turned them down flat on the spot. My thought was that if the Lord wants me in Nursery for my remaining couple of weeks here he must have a darn good reason and I'd better find out if that's the case. I haven't gotten any answers yet, but we'll see.

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  1. You have GOT to be kidding!? A few choice things just went through my head...