Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July

We had a great 4th of July. We spent a lot of it at my cousin Wendell's who lives just down the street. We wore Daniel and Reagan out completely. There were puppies to see and play with, a swing, rocks to climb, learning how to walk a tightrope and of course the parade. It didn't take Reagan and Daniel long to figure out what you do at a parade. The purse that Reagan has in the picture was stuffed and overflowing with candy. After the parade we went home for some rest and lunch and went back to Wendell's for dinner. Daniel wanted to know if we were getting more candy. Luckily when he learned that we weren't it was still okay as he loves my cousin Wendell (above in the pictures holding Daniel and helping him walk the tightrope). Later after dinner we went home for a few minutes and to light some fireworks and put the kids to bed. The fireworks didn't last long as my kids were scared to death of them and were running for the house crying. So April and I left them there and went back to Wendell's for the big fireworks without them.

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  1. The kids are growing fast--they are so cute!