Saturday, June 20, 2009

What do you do with...

A three year old and high cholesterol? During Daniel's routine 3 year old check up they drew blood and checked his cholesterol. It came back as 207. So the doctor had the lab retake it with him fasting and he called back with results of 232 which means that my 3 year old has high cholesterol. The doctor further informed me that there is no Lipitor for 3 yearolds and that all we can do at this point is cut basically all fat out of his diet. He is already on high fiber due to his constipation problems and that is supposed to help bring the cholesterol levels down. It appears that high cholesterol runs in my family and with Paul's family's history of heart disease and stroke, it looks like he didn't get the best genes in that department. We are supposed to meet with a dietitian and try and come up with a plan of how to eat. (This should be fun, no more lusciously rich desserts (I have high cholesterol too)- For someone who loves to bake this is so not fun! So if you have any recipes of any kind which are non-fat, please let me know.