Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy Birthday to Daniel

Daniel's birthday was a quiet but busy day. He was very excited about it. He loved the gigantic cupcakes that Grandma found for him.

Of course what child doesn't love presents... Grandma Lois got him a bunch of cars from the movie cars- big hit of course. Grandma and Grandpa Lyman got him a beautiful collection of James Herriot stories. (For those of you who aren't familiar with James Herriot he is an English author who's main employment was a veterinarian. He wrote stories about his experiences both for children and adults. The adult books are entitled "All Things Bright and Beautiful", "All Creatures Great and Small" and etc. They are great books.) Aunt April sent him a silver piggy bank filled with chocolate bars. Which Daniel promptly wanted all of them out for consumption.

Grandma took us to "Toad's" where we had been promising Daniel that he could ride in a "race car" (gocart) which he was so excited about and for which I don't have a picture. Then we went inside and played miniature golf (it was raining so we chose the indoor course) Daniel had never played and being 3 wasn't very good (but then Mom is 31 and not very good either). So we played the best we could. They also rode the carousel and played a few arcade games (it's similar to Chucky Cheese)
The day ended with a babysitter as Mom wanted to go to Stake conference and hear Elder Holland speak. But the babysitter had to bring her younger brother with her so that meant more fun for Daniel. Exhausting but fun day.


  1. Thanks for the birthday post! If there hadn't been one this morning I was going to complain! April

  2. Happy Birthday Daniel! Love that smile!