Monday, June 1, 2009

Something to Blog About

For all of you who aren't Mom's and are male and reading this I will give you fair warning- You may not want to continue reading this post.
I have been working with Daniel on potty training for months, probably the last 6 if you want to know the truth. I haven't pushed it too much until lately. He has been doing really well, but would not have a bowel movement anywhere but in his diaper. Last night there was a break through! Hurray! Finally! Twice in about 30 minutes he had a bowel movement in the toilet. I was ready to offer him all the candy he could want, but he gave it all back to me except for one Hershey's Kiss. Then of course we had to make the round of phone calls, one to Daddy, one to Aunt April, and one to Grandpa Lyman. I think he talked to my Dad for the longest he has ever talked to anyone on the phone. He must have realized the greatness of what he had done.
Anyway, I thought he deserved a post for that.

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  1. He absolutely deserves a post for this! Way to go Daniel!