Friday, June 12, 2009

Daniel's Teddy Bear

Daniel has never been one for stuffed animals. So one day before we left Virginia when Paul came home from taking Daniel on an errand and said that he had bought Daniel a teddy bear that Daniel really wanted, I wasn't really pleased as I figured that it would join the other stuffed animals in the toy box and never come out. Well, this teddy bear was a little different. This teddy bear is wearing a soldiers uniform just like Daddy does. Daniel sleeps with it and cuddles with it. This morning while he was in bed cuddling with me he asked me, "is it a soldier bear Mom?" I replied that it was and added that it was a soldier like Daddy was a soldier and asked, "is Daddy a soldier?" His response was, "No he's a teddy bear!"


  1. Aaron has so many stuffed friends there is barely room for him on the bed. I'm glad Daniel has a little something that Paul bought him that he can hug. That's sweet.