Tuesday, July 17, 2012

4th of July

 Yes I'm slow at getting my blog updated but hey I have almost a whole week of posts to catch you up written and waiting to be published. Here are some pictures from our 4th of July.
We walked around and looked at things on the "park strip" downtown. It is really reminiscent of the National Mall and makes me a bit homesick every time I see it. We got to see this handsome fellow. Have you ever been this close to a Bald Eagle? He kept an eye on all of us with his head rotating all the way around as he watched everyone. 
Here the kids are waiting for the parade to start. Which it did... 40 mins. late. I wondered which self important politician made it that late. It was quite a wait.
Miss Reagan who will never put her shoes on the right feet.

 I liked these bikes and the hats. I'd hate to fall off the last one though!
Bet you don't have 50 year old Reindeer in your parades. I've forgotten what her name was but she has participated in the Anchorage 4th of July every year since her birth.

Cool old fire trucks.

 This was really cool. It was the size of a car and they were actually driving it. 
My favorite part was the bagpipes. Reagan loved all the beautiful dresses that went by, and Daniel's favorite was the military men and women.

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