Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Winter Festival

One Saturday last month we had a very full day. I had planned on cleaning the house but a friend of mine had vehemently said when she learned of my plans, "Cleaning on Saturday is a sin!" So I was bad and listened to her and the kids and I went and played all day. Our house wasn't clean but we sure had fun! This is one of the activities that we went and did. It was a Winter Festival at one of the local schools. It's a cool school, patterned after the Waldorf schools so tools and furniture was all wooden and  natural fibers. There were beautiful murals on the chalkboards about books they were reading in the class. Someone is a real artist.

 One of the highlights of both of their day was to get their faces painted. In case you can't tell, Daniel's is a car and Reagan's is a huge pink butterfly. She was quite upset when she found out that she couldn't wear it to church the next day...
This was Daniel's favorite thing. They are fishing with wooden poles and string with loops on them. The fish are wooden and have hook on them. It was pretty difficult for him but he helped it along by bending over and putting the fish on his line. If only it was that easy in real life!
The next two videos are of the kids learning some traditional Russian dances. They really enjoyed it and had a lot of fun.
This video is of Reagan having to team ski. It didn't last very long as they had to all cooperate but it was still fun.
One of the coolest things they had there that I don't have pictures of and we didn't get one was that they were making their own jump ropes out of tons of yarn. They were very heavy duty. They hooked the yarn up to these wooden machines turned the crank and twisted them up. The wait list was really long so we didn't get one (and we were running out of money by that time) but they were really sturdy and heavy duty.

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