Monday, February 6, 2012

A few things I've done

This is a scarf I made for Daniel with some yarn I had floating around the house. It's not the best picture but if you look carefully in the middle there is cabling. This was my first time doing cabling and it's crocheted not knitted. It looks really nice. The only problem is he doesn't like it as it's too bulky to fit with his coat which fits him really snug. I had a fun if frustrating time learning how to cable though. Maybe next year with a looser coat he will like it better.
I've meant for a long time to post pictures of the kids bathroom which I painted last year and have never done it. So this morning while I was taking pictures of things I included it. Just this wall is blue (Robin's Egg it is called.) It had previously had some nasty wallpaper on it and isn't textured like the other walls so I had to do something different with it. I love blue and white together, and the ocean scene on the shower curtain adds a lot. Took make this look on the wall I just took an old towel rag I had laying around, dipped it in the paint with it wrapped around my fingers and started patting the walls. It was a bit like finger painting actually. I think it turned out rather nice.
This is the other wall to Reagan's room. I've been working on it for quite awhile. Mainly trying to figure out what I was going to paint. I'm not thrilled with the hillside I painted so I'll be painting back over that soon. I'll probably add a stack of books under the tree, and maybe a bird or two. I struggled with what I was going to write on the wall. I finally decided on "Once Upon a Time In a Land Far Away" which I think is particularly apropos as we live in a land far away.

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