Friday, March 9, 2012

Ice Fishing

It was a bright sunny day but cold out on the water. There was an ice fishing day for kids at one of the local lakes a couple weeks ago. Having never gone ice fishing we thought we'd try something new. If you aren't familiar with ice fishing. They take an auger and drill a hole in the ice, we used shrimp for bait and dropped our lines in. There are people who really get into this and will erect a tent and have heaters and a picnic and will stay out all day. That was not us. It was really cold so the kids didn't last long at all. They had a heated tent set up with snacks off the ice so it wasn't long until we ended up there. Then Reagan spied her favorite thing of all at a park- A swing.

This made her day! She got to swing in the winter in spite of our 3 feet of snow, someone had packed it all down around the swings and made her a very happy girl. Will we go ice fishing again? Maybe. But it was just good to get outside.

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