Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Good news for Daniel

Daniel got some good news today. His Speech Therapist called and said that if he makes any improvement at all when they go to test him again in the next couple of weeks from his last test that they gave him a few months ago, he will not qualify for speech therapy next year. This means that he has gone from having a rating of moderate/severe, speech imparement to a high mild rating in less than a year. She said for him to be able to do that means that he is VERY smart. He really has worked hard at this and you can really tell his improvement. He will continue with speech over the summer regardless of what his test scores are. It makes  me nervous though as I felt like he had lost a lot while we were gone for that month. Hopefully we can cement things enough over the summer so that he will never need speech again!
On another note for him- He had been having problems sleeping all time. Here he is in the grocery cart asleep...We discovered it was his ADHD medication, so now we are trying a new one for him. Hopefully this one works as the last one we tried kept him up for 20 plus hours a day. Mom couldn't quite handle that.

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  1. Way to go, Daniel. That is great news.

    In preschool through about third grade, I was in speech therapy. It works!