Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Funny Things the Kids Say

Reagan loves to sing and sings nonstop. She sings about whatever is on her mind. If she had a an album some of her song titles would be -
When I Die I Want to Live With Uncle Johnny
Heavenly Father Loves You He Really Does and I Do Too
I love Cyrus
and my personal favorite that had me laughing so hard I was crying...
When I Pick My Nose Like My Daddy Do

Daniel came crying to me one day and I asked him, "Did you hurt your leg?" He replied, " No I hurt my mountain." He was speaking of his buttock.

Daniel- "Mom, I just bit my tongue from a bless you!(sneeze)

One night for dinner Reagan said the prayer. After the usual stuff she said, "Please bless us that we can have cookies."

For a couple of months whenever saying the prayer either of the kids would add into the prayer, "Please bless Jesus as he goes to work in outer space."

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  1. Oh goodness Calleen, I am totally laughing out loud! Those stories are so hilarious! I love them!!!