Saturday, September 11, 2010

Trip to Homer

While April was here we took a great trip down to Homer AK where our friends Charlie and Donette Anderson live. They are friends from Missouri but they are both from AK and had recently moved back. The trip down was so gorgeous. Sorry for all the scenery shots that don't even begin to do Alaska justice. Alaska scenery is really breath taking. It's kind of fun when you are driving down the road and you see the ocean, mountains, and volcanoes all in one glance.
Just look at how green everything is after all the rain we've had. I think it must be what Ireland looks like.

This is at Bishop's beach in Homer. It was nice and sunny but still a bit cold with the wind coming off the water. April and I were not your typical tourists. We didn't stop in at any of the shops but rather just drank in the scenery and let the kids play.

Homer has a stretch of land that looks like someone spit it out into the Harbor and it's called "The Spit". A road goes out to the end of it and that's where all the touristy stuff is. This houseboat was grounded there on the spit. I'm sure being AK even though it's old and run down someone still lives in it. This next one is driving out on the spit. Absolutely gorgeous!

We don't have much "beach" up here in Anchorage but we really enjoyed the sand in Homer. The kids were REALLY excited to see this small lighthouse. The week before Paul and I had introduced them to the movie Pete's Dragon. They wanted to know where Pete was.

Charlie and Donette's log cabin built on stilts. They just built it this summer. Obviously they have been hard at work. The computer isn't letting me separate the pictures, so I'm having to write this at the bottom. But as you can see Reagan and Daniel really are best friends and were troopers spending 8 hours in the car that day.

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  1. Gorgeous! Looks like fun was had by all! I can't believe how much Reagan looks like you! Your kids are adorable!