Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Good News

Yesterday we received good news. Paul is being called back to active duty with the National Guard but it's right here in Anchorage. He will only be on active duty for 6 months. But while on active duty he brings in double the money from what we have been living on with his normal job at CBP. (Great news when the bills are piling up!)
We are also moving at the end of October to a new place. It's much bigger and I'm trying to decide what my favorite thing about it is? The 3 bedrooms so Reagan won't have to sleep in the living room anymore? (The two kids just cannot share anymore.) Or is it the big kitchen and dining room? Or maybe the laundry room (7 years of having your laundry in the kitchen is about to end! YAY!) Or maybe the garage to store all our "stuff". Whatever it is we are really excited and really grateful to a wonderful Heavenly Father who answers prayers.


  1. Congrats!! That is great news!

  2. Congrats Calleen, that sounds wonderful!! I remember how excited we were to move out of our little apartment into our much bigger townhome. What a blessing! I know exactly how you feel and I'm happy for you!

  3. It's fun to read and see beautiful pictures of all that you are doing! how fun that April got to visit you! Your children are darlings. I love the picture of them holding hands. I am sorry to hear that Daniel has ADHD. I do not know much about it, so thankyou for explaining how it plays out in your family. You are a strong lady and are becoming even stronger. Great that Paul gets to be in Anchorage and that you get to enjoy a bigger home!