Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Crazy and Fun Day

I had no idea that yesterday would be such a crazy busy day when it started. To start the day there was a run to the store as we were out of milk which with our kids is a minor catastrophe. (How Paul and I ended up with kids that love milk when neither of us drink it is beyond me.)

Next we stopped at several garage sales (which were a bust) along the way and the farmers market. Looking at the time I realized that I needed to race home so that I could make sugar cookies for the Stake Pioneer Day picnic. Daniel had been asking for sugar cookies for about a week and we had just never gotten around to making them so I promised we would make them for the picnic. I had just enough time to get them made and frosted without being there too late. In our church on July 24th every year we celebrate our pioneer ancestors. If you live in UT the celebration is huge. Here in Alaska- Well there was a picnic. I guess after being in UT last year and reliving my childhood memories of the day it was a little bit of a let down. It didn't help that it looked like it was going to rain any minute and it was only about 55 degrees. We have had a horribly rainy summer. The kids had a great time though and that was what was really important.

We had an hour between our next stop and so we ran a few errands and called and talked to Grandma Lyman. As soon as we got in the car Reagan was sound asleep. Ah... to be a child again.

The kids final stop for the day was at a Japanese Summer Festival. Reagan's Nursery leaders at church until last week have both been Japanese and 1 of her leaders was heavily involved in the festival so I thought it would be fun. Here they got to try on traditional Japanese kimonos. They offered to put one on me too, but I figured the minute I was busy they would run. Besides I've worn them several times before (as a child any time they wanted someone to be Japanese for a school or church play they would dress me up). Reagan really wanted this particular sash on hers. The picture doesn't do it justice as it is all bunched up, but it was a beautiful scarf.

Daniel really liked the Japanese lanterns that were everywhere.

This was something fun as well. They are water Yo-yos. They are made with balloon type material but it was a bit thicker. They have a little bit of water in them and they had elastic strings attached. They were really cool and the kids really enjoyed them.

I wish the kids hadn't been so tired and we could have stayed for all the performances, but we did get to see the drumming and so you get to too. It was fascinating! Watching them all move in unison.

The day ended with Mom getting to spend some time with friends eating Chinese food and playing games. Great end to a great (but exhausting!) day.


  1. I think mom has a picture of you that looks exactly like the one you posted of Reagan! She really does look like you!

  2. I know, I thought about scanning the picture of me in with the kimono, but I didn't want to dig it out of the storage locker down stairs.

  3. Great. Now I need to make sugar cookies. Thanks for putting that in my head. :-)

    Miss you!