Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Canning Salmon for the First Time

A friend gave us some Salmon today. We don't have a ton of freezer room right now as our freezer just quit- So I got to spend the day bottling Salmon. It ends up being just the same as tuna out of a can and you can use it for the same things. I got 21 pints and saved the fillet in the picture for dinner. I was excited to use my new pressure cooker for the first time. I ended up paying all of $20 for it as I was able to use my Amazon gift cards that I earned from Swag Bucks. It was very nerve racking using a new ccooker that I wasn't used to and not have someone else there who knew what they were doing. Pressure cookers make me nervous anyway. I made the kids stay out of the kitchen as I was unsure of a new canner. They were happy to oblige with Little Einsteins and other show. But I pulled it off and I thought that that deserved a post by itself.
It was really easy. You just cut up the salmon into pieces that fit in the jar. Pour salt in screw on the lids and pressure- for an hour and a half. I must say the smell though when I opened the canner- Whew!!! Not sure that's a smell I ever want to get used to.

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