Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Blessings

I was driving by a church the other day that had a board outside that  said "Count your Blessings, Recounts are Allowed". As I have been reading other people's blogs as they count their blessings I have been reflecting on ours.
-I am grateful that Paul is home this holiday season and not away in some foreign country without us as he has been so many times before. Thanksgiving morning we turned on the news and they were interviewing soldiers and talking about them not being home this year. I am counting my blessings that Paul is here and that I don't have to hear the song "I'll be Home for Christmas" this year while crying.
-I am grateful that while so many people are out of work that Paul has a good job and that he is happy in it. 
-I am grateful for a scale that says I weigh 112 pounds. I know it is wrong but it still made my day!
-I am grateful for a little girl who brightens every day. It was her birthday on Thanksgiving, and while we didn't get the candles blown out, we did have fun. She is such  a special blessing to our family and we love every minute with her.
-I can't leave out Daniel. His sweet hugs and kisses melt your heart and I am so grateful for him. And his laugh! Oh how I LOVE to listen to him laugh. It is the best!
-I'm grateful that if the Durango has to malfunction and be stuck in 4WD High, that now couldn't be a better time with a foot of snow and about 8 inches of it being laid in the last 2 days. Can't we just wait until spring to have it fixed?
-I'm grateful that when I go out and play in the snow with my kids my pants don't get wet as it's too cold for the snow to melt so you just brush it off.
-I'm grateful for family and friends who have been there for us when we needed them and strangers who have stepped in to fill the gap when you couldn't be there.
-I'm grateful to be here in Alaska. It has been so much fun!
-I'm unbelievably grateful to Heavenly Father who has walked every step of the way of this journey through life with me and I know will continue to do so. Which gives me the courage to face many more years of this journey we call life.


  1. I was going to make different comment until I read Jean's. What is this your 3 anniversary together? Congrats!!!! So glad Paul is with you for this one.