Monday, November 9, 2009

First Snow of the Year

We have had a few flurries before now but last night we got our first real snow. It's about 3 inches deep and we were very excited to go out and play in it. 

The snow was too powdery to make snowballs but Daniel had a great time trying to and throwing them at Mom. It took Reagan a while to warm up to the snow. She did not like having the snow thrown at her but later decided that walking around in it and climbing in it is kind of fun.

 Here we see Daniel climbing up his "mountain". He was so excited to find this "mountain to climb.

Here we see him falling down the mountain. With Reagan waiting safely below. It kind of reminds me of Jack and Jill. He did make it to the top of his mountain a couple times and he was very happy about that. We were only about about 10-15 minutes as we were waiting for our friends to arrive so that we could start preschool. But that was long enough for hands to get cold, especially when you keep taking off your gloves to see what the snow feels like!


  1. Wow-how much snow does your town typically get in a winter?

  2. Usually from what I understand we get around 70 inches of snow a year. Really not anymore than places in UT or CO.

  3. love the snow! I'm sre we'll seee lots of snowy Alaska pictures in the next few years! : ) So sad about Daniel's hands in the other post... a learning experience for mom and him!