Friday, August 3, 2012

One Fine Day

A beautiful day and we just couldn't resist being outside in the water. Luckily Goose Lake is much warmer than Campbell Creek. Daniel was a therapy so Reagan and I played hookey and went by ourselves and enjoyed the heat. 
While we were there a Mom had left her toddler in a stroller and her dog tied to it as she helped another child in the bathroom. Something startled the dog and off that dog went. And boy did it go! The baby went flying and luckily was unhurt, but the stroller and the dog hurtled off through umbrellas, strollers, kids and adults flying as they collided. It was probably at least 10 mins before they were able to get the dog to stop. I think the stroller flying behind it just made the poor dog run faster. It was quite a sight to see.
Reagan and I felt guilty so we went and picked Daniel up from therapy and went back to the beach with him. We stayed there until it was time for dinner. If you have a good day up here you make every moment count.

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