Friday, November 11, 2011

Paul's Military Awards

Last Saturday night we went to Paul's Military Unit's Christmas party. I'm not sure why they had it in the the first week of November but the food was good. We were kept up all night by drunk phone calls from soldiers but I guess that was to be expected. That night Paul was awarded the Alaska Commendation Medal pictured here. This was awarded to him for his service as the Non-Commisioned Officer in charge of the Joint Operation Center for the Alaska Air and Army Guard for the past year. They really appreciated the things he was able to put into place while he was there and the work that he did. He ended that job and went back to his regular job at Customs and Border Protection October 1st.

Another recent addtion to his uniform which he is very proud of it the German Marksmanship award and German Jump Wings pictured here. The wings are the ones  above the red bar and the Marksmanship award is the gold medalion with the braid. In order to get the Jump Wings Paul had to jump out of an airplane with a German jumpmaster telling them when to jump. For the Marksmanship, Paul had to shoot at a certain level of proficency with the Germans to be awarded it. There was a unit from Germany up here several months ago doing joint training, so he was able to do this then. Paul served a 2 year mission for our church in Germany and loves all things German so these mean a lot to him.


  1. Well done Paul! We are so proud of you. Blaine & Candy

  2. Just remember that you can only wear one foreign badge on the Class A uniform.