Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's Definately Winter in Alaska

It's definitely winter time here in Alaska.  This post has been a bit delayed. But here is one of my snow angels. 
This was taken after just the first week or so of snow. We have received MUCH more since then. Even as I write this it is coming down in great big flakes. We have to have received at least 4 feet by now. I think we've had as much snow in this month of November than we've had all year last year. One of the things that really surprised me coming to Anchorage is how coastal the weather is. Think Seattle with all the rain. Our summers are filled with rain and our winters are filled with snow. Lots of precipitation around here.One of the differences of winter up here that is different from most of the lower 48 states, is that once it snows, it stays. You don't see the ground until "breakup". Breakup is a special season that we have up here in the north. It's from March til May when all the ice breaks up and the snow melts. Occasionally in the winter we get weather warm enough to melt a little bit of snow  but by that time there's so much snow it doesn't make much of a difference.
My other snow angel.

This next one was taken from my living room. It was a cloudy day so you can't see the mountains behind the trees but I really have the most beautiful view. You would never know that I live in the middle of a city. You can't see houses from my windows. Only trees and mountains. It's absolutely gorgeous!
 This year we have been able to get outside a bit more this winter as Reagan is bigger and can handle the cold a little better but for about the last week we've stayed inside much to Daniel's dismay. When the temperature is in the single digits during the day, Mom's not so keen on playing outside. Paul just left a few days ago for Georgia and the people there think he's crazy for not wearing a coat. But hey when you left 1 degree weather and went to 60 degree weather (that's about what summer's are for us) you don't need a coat.

 Our backyard in small in length but long in width and has a nice steep hill at one end. After we groomed the slope for sledding Reagan and Daniel found this spot and just sat down. It made great seats for sledding.

I should have taken video of Reagan and Daniel coming down the hill. Reagan's giggles were SO cute to hear. One of Alaska's claims to fame (Utah you better watch out), is the powdery snow. It's almost impossible to make a snowman unless you poor water on it. So that is something we have yet to do. But there is a world class ski resort down the road. Anyone want to come visit and go ski? It's not always 1degree. Today it was supposed to be in the low 30's.

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