Monday, October 24, 2011

School Fun

This was our art project and beginning of our science project a while back. I was hoping to find a kit for Daniel to make with Paul and then paint but we settled on this premade house from Michael's which the kids painted. It took me a couple of weeks to remember the bird seed... But it's finally in and on our balcony. We have so far only seen Stellar Blue Jays visiting it but we're hopeful that as time goes on we'll get to see some more and figure out what kinds of birds they are. This is our Nature Study as the weather gets colder and the days get shorter.

Daniel was very proud of his Liberty Bell. It's a dot to dot which we sometimes do to work on number recognition and sequencing. He remembered that it was the same as a Christmas ornament I had picked up in Philadelphia years ago, so it works for history too. I have recently started making him color things. Fine motor skills are hard for him and it is an extremely rare occasion that he will color on his own. We started just with writing letters, then moved to writing numbers, have now added coloring, and eventually will move to coloring in the lines and not just scribbling through as fast as he can. He loves dot to dots though and picks them out whenever the opportunity arises.

Swimming Lessons... They both love them. The school pays for Daniel's so that is a nice bonus. After tomorrow night we're taking a break for a month or two because I need the break but I still hope to get them to the pool a couple times a week. Daniel has graduated to the Advanced Pike class at the YMCA and Reagan is getting ready to go there as well. Having had a brother who drowned and a child with Autism swimming lessons are very important to me. (The number one killer of Autistic kids and adults is drowning.)

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