Monday, October 24, 2011

An important day in a young boy's life...

Today is an important day for young Daniel. He lost his first tooth! We had a visit to the dentist about a week or so ago and she informed me that several of his teeth were getting loose and ready to come out. Little did I know just how loose they were!
He's not even 5 1/2 but he already has 2 of his 6 year old molars as well as loosing his teeth so he is well on his way to having an adult mouth. Luckily so far he has not had his mother's teeth. We are praying that his mouth starts to grow soon and a lot as he doesn't have room for adult size teeth in his little mouth. The dentist said that in 6 months when he comes in again we may have to start pulling ones that haven't come out yet just to make room for the adult teeth.
Now that I finally have my phone's camera up and working I should be posting more often and with pictures. I haven't been posting because I had pictures I wanted to add and couldn't get them on here. So here's a picture of Reagan to brighten your day as well.

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