Sunday, May 22, 2011

What has Paul been up to?

In March Paul was gone to California and Nevada for his annual National Guard Training. I've been married to him for going on 9 years and this is the first time he's actually gone on the training as he always transfers into a new unit just as they have finished it or they are either deploying, or just got back from deploying. He was gone about 3 weeks. They spent a lot of time shooting... Which Paul loved and unfortunately I can't seem to find pictures of. They did some rock climbing and some skiing. This is where they skiied. It's called Sqaw Valley I believe.
 This one suprised me. Who would think that when you live in Alaska, you would go all the way down to California to build a snow cave and sleep in it? Paul said they dug about 8 feet down in the snow to make this snow cave and then they spent the night in it. I thought it was pretty cool.
 A couple of weeks ago Paul was invited to go on a fishing trip into the prince William Sound with our friends the Darringtons. Another friend of theirs went with them too (as he owned the boat). Here is Mr. Lowell Darrington.
 Paul said they caught Red Snapper, Halibut and Cod. He was a little disappointed as he was hoping to see a bear and take one while he was gone but he did see a full whale breach which is pretty cool.

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  1. It looks like Alaska suits Paul. That's good. He looks happy there.