Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Conversations with the kids...

The other day, Daniel came up to Paul very excited.
"Daddy, I want 1,2,3,4,6 things (carefully counting his fingers to make sure he had 6 of them up, and he did). I want 1 blue light saber, another light saber, a red light saber and another little light saber, and a purple light saber, and a pink parasol for Reagan."
I couldn't help but laugh it was so cute and carefully thought out, but he has definitely learned the principle of quantity!
Today we had to leave a friend's house early because she got a call that her son was sick at school. Reagan wanted to know why Asher was sick. I explained about germs and how they get into the body. She replied," But Asher's Daddy came home and he's Germy!" --- His name is Jeremy. Leave it to a little kid to make that connection. She was really worried then. I just tried to redirect.

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