Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sweet Moments

While having two kids 17 months apart can be a trial at times there are some things that make up for it. Like the fact that my kids are best friends. They have their moments like every brother and sister. Today while driving in the car, Daniel looked at Reagan and said "Reagan, I love you for ever and ever." Reagan replied "Ever and ever Daniel". Later while we were at a friend's house today Reagan had put on a Princess dress and came over to Daniel and took his hand and they started dancing together. So sweet and where was my camera!!!!
A couple of weeks ago while saying the prayer Daniel said, "Thank you for the yogurt that I got out of the fridge." He had gotten it out of the fridge without asking and since it was already open I decided to relent and let him have it. But I thought it a funny thing to say in the prayer.

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