Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Excuses for not going to bed...

Remember how as a kid we invented every reason under the sun not to go to bed? Well we are in that stage with Daniel. The other night it was " I need a drink, I need to go to the bathroom, My finger hurts." You know the drill. He then came up with a new one after coming out of his room for the upteenth time. "I have a toothache." I said "oh?", thinking where did he learn the word toothache and does he even know what it means? He continued, "it's in my nose." Yah, you just don't want to go to bed you funny little boy.
Today at nap time he came out of his room with his eyes screwed shut "I'm so tired!"
"Then why aren't you in your bed?"

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  1. That's my boy! He needs to work on his arguments before he becomes a lawyer...we'll give him time, he has the best family to practice with!

    Thanks for the posts! You know I live to hear more about my babies!