Sunday, March 31, 2013

I Must Repent! (and Christmas 2012)

So it's been about 6 moths since I've been on here. Yes, we are alive up here in the wilds of Alaska. It's been a long and a strange winter. It's been warm when it shouldn't be and cold at odd times. Currently it's been below 10 degrees in the mornings and I was just told its going to snow in the morning. Shouldn't be surprised. It is Alaska.
Christmas this year we had the privilege of Grandma Lois joining us. I don't think she will ever come back though as a week after she got home to UT she still couldn't get warm.
We took in a Aces Hockey game with her, which she said was for the rednecks.

 Then later that night we watched Paul play a hockey game until we were all too cold and went home for the night. Most of the pictures were really bad these are the better ones... Next time someone else is in charge of the camera.

 We made Christmas sugar cookies and had the missionaries and friends over for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. One missionary in particular was just a little special to Calleen. Elder Higley is from her parents ward in Missouri and he is the same age as her brother Daniel. So it was special for her to be able to share Christmas Eve with him.

One of the things Calleen got for Christmas was a noodle maker which the kids like to help with. Yummy spaghetti with whole wheat noodles! I've been wanting one for years.

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