Sunday, September 30, 2012


People with Autism have things they fixate on. For Daniel right now it's Pirates. He LOVES all things Pirates.
 But was is really fun and exciting for me as a Mom is that this time last year at the beginning of Kindergarten,  it was like pulling teeth to get him to write/draw anything. 6 months later it was like a light switch went on and he was drawing everything. Then suddenly at the beginning of this year he's gone 3D. He makes everything out of paper. Above is a pirate hat he made, below are his "hook" and his peg leg. He gets frustrated as he can see what he wants in his minds eye and tries so hard to duplicate it. He wants to make the jump to wood but he just doesn't have the strength to handle a saw or a hammer.

 If anyone wants to get him something for Christmas send lots of tape and paper. We go through tons! We have to ration it out. But we don't want to stifle this developmental leap for him. He still won't color anything and pictures are drawn with only one color usually black but hey, we're making progress.

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