Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fun in the Rain

So after last summer with extreme amounts of rain (think  raining every day for over 30 days) and this past winter with 11 feet of snow... I guess it was time to give us a break as this spring has been really dry. I mean really dry. Like no rain. Which was fine as the snow needed to melt and the ground needed a break but eventually you do need rain again. And Reagan needed rain...
For Christmas Grandma Lois had gotten the kids rain boots and umbrellas. The kids have used their rain boots repeatedly as we went through Break Up (the 5th season in AK). I can hardly get Daniel to wear anything else. (He is trying to get out of having to tie his shoes.) But they had never gotten to use their umbrella's as it hadn't rained yet. One day last week it finally did, and Miss Reagan looked out the window and said, "Yay it's raining! I can use my umbrella!" So we put all our stuff on and they got to use their umbrella's even though it was barely a sprinkle and I had some happy kids.
I finally broke down this year and got them rain coats. We've always done rain boots up here but I've never done the rain coats. This summer my goal was to get them outside more in spite of the rain (think Seattle rain only colder). We enjoyed the rain for a couple days and now we're back to no rain. Now if it would only warm up just a little more. Instead of just looking like it was going to rain and not doing it with the temps hoovering around the high 40's.

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