Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kids Free Fishing Day

Daniel has been BEGGING to go fishing ever since we moved up here. We haven't taken him because I just felt like he was a bit too young and with the issues that he has the thought of him having something with a sharp hook on the end of the line terrified me. However now that he was almost 5 I felt a little more comfotable. A couple weekends ago the Forrest Service put on a a Kid's Free Fishing Day in Portage AK which isn't that far from here. Paul had drill that weekend so he wasn't able to come with us.
They had shirts for the kids to paint rubber fish and then apply to the t-shirt. Reagan put a starfish on hers and Daniel had a small slender fish on his. They fed us lunch, and then they had games to play with fishing poles, and they had tanks with fish set up for the kids to actually go fishing and catch fish. Unfortunately the fish weren't hungry at all. Daniel and Reagan's favoite part was just going to the river and practicing casting as you see in these pictures.

Smokey the Bear made a visit too and they were really excited to meet him.It was a really fun day though we really needed winter coats it was so cold and it kept sprinkling on us. We spent about an hour and a half there.(Reagan couldn't take any more of the cold.) But Daniel didn't want to leave. He was "hooked" so that say. He thought fishing was the best thing ever. Fast forward a couple weeks to his birthday and what did he get but a fishing pole. He has been asking for it for at least the last 6 months. Paul is going to take them fishing this weekend while I go on the Girls Camp hike. Daniel wakes up every morning asking if today is the day.

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