Thursday, February 24, 2011

Reagan's 1st Trip to the Dentist & Daniel's 1st X-rays

I know, I have been bad and my blog has been silent for awhile. I'm going to work on updating it (and there will be a lot) over the next couple of days so stay tuned....
Daniel had his first dental x-rays recently and he did really well. He seems to have inherited Paul's teeth (Hallelujah!) and came through the visit with a clean bill of health with no cavities. Another good bit of news for him is that the over bite that he has had since birth has corrected itself. This problem runs in the family and the only way to correct it is for them to go in and break your jaw and remove part of it. Then you spend 6 weeks with it wired shut. So we are really happy that he isn't going to have to deal with that.

Miss Reagan had her first trip to the dentist and my worst fears were confirmed. She's following right along in her Mom's footsteps. She has 3 cavities of which we will be getting filled next week. But she LOVED the visit. And why wouldn't she? She got to wear cool glasses and got individual attention. What's not to love?

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