Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Picking up Daddy

It is always fun to go pick up Paul at the airport from all the adventures he goes on, but this time it was particularly fun to watch Reagan get ready to go see her Daddy. I had already attired her in a cute outfit. But she took care of the accessories. She added a sea shell necklace (thank you Aunt April), bracelets, sunglasses, and of course a purse! Where did this girl come from? I was never like this especially at 20 months! She was then ready to see her Daddy after 5 months. I wish I had a picture as it was adorable. Paul didn't know what to think when he saw her.
Daniel was really excited too. He had been talking all summer about taking Daddy swimming with him, but unfortunately it turned off really cold in UT right as Paul got there so that wasn't in the cards.

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